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Ball and You - Brain Training the Easy Way
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Welcome to a fun, Easy, Quick Way to Train the Brain

Bounce 2 Coaching and Training the brain to where you want to go.  Training the brain to what you want to be in life.  Learning the connection of the mind and the body to a feeling, an emotion and how you can break through.


Bounce 2 Coaching

Join one of our fun coaching programmes.  You can join online, in person or at a retreat or bootcamp.  All our courses are fun, exciting and best of all you get changes and results.

This is a programme where the whole family works together as a team to help everyone in the family feel great.  Feel confident, feel happy.

 You can Train Your Brain

To train your brain you must first know your brain.  That is where you connect to your own unique brain code.  You get to step into your mind, and see the links of what you do and why you do what you do.  You see what you are creating in your life and how that all inter links to what you are thinking.  You get to know you best of all you get to be the driver of the car.

Come and Join in one of our One Day Bounce 2 Ball and You Programmes.  You can then follow the one day with a 5 Day Colour, Conquer and Create at home.  Such a simple and easy way to learn to train your brain and become MINDFIT.  Great for the whole family.


A fun, easy way to work with the family.  As you work with the ball you can see the emotions of the past leave – you can feel the break through of the emotions that may be holding you back.  From working with the floor, to the wall from one colour to another the ball is like magic in your hands.

Bounce 2 Pack

What do you get?

The Pack an easy way to kick off at home.

  • Bounce 2 Book and Ball
  • 6 Videos to teach you in more depth
  • The ball to match what you want
  • Each video with a success story
  • Learn about colours and what colour ball to use or work with
  • Learn about the words you use with your ball
  • Learn how to work with an oil to release the blocks as you train
  • Learn how to turn the mind in a different direction
  • Learn cause and effect – what you give out is what you get back
  • Learn how commitment to an action is how you conquer an emotion or fear
  • Learn to create the brain space to match your mind training with your ball brain training.
  • Learn buddha walking to totally be grounded and connected

One of My Favourite Success Stories

A young 7 year old who had become anxious, emotional and just wanted to hang onto his mum.  The school advised the mum he needed counselling.  She had hear of my work so rang me.  I did a quick mind code and said that he would be tired up in an emotion and does not know how to get a story out of his head.  She booked him in for a Bounce 2 Ball and You session.  We kicked of with a blue ball – the ball kept running away.  He could not keep control.  Then I moved to a green ball.  He was able to handle that.  We worked with the ball to the floor and a special affirmation we have for kids in emotions.  After a while he picked up the ball and said to me ” I did something bad and my mum is so angry.  Do you think she will forgive me?”  I said “Absolutely”.  He said “Will you help me?”  I said “Absolutely”.

I now had the problem so I could speak to his mum and explain.  What did we have the next day – a happy lad off to school without a worry.  He took his ball to school just in case his head went in the wrong direction with a story.

He had his power back.  He knew how to stop stories in his head.  It was so easy to fix.  Bounce 2 Ball and You does not keep a child or a person in a story it creates a way to find answers and solutions.  If you keep talking about something you just stay in victim mode.  Kids wants to be free to live life.

A Ball can take the mind to amazing places

You can always win with a ball especially a coloured ball.


Know Your Mind Codes

Everyone is unique.

To the scientist they know exactly how your brain your looks and works.  They know how to operate on your brain to make changes in your health.

What I believe and with over 20 years research with proven success, every person has a brain code.

From that brain code you know exactly why you think the way you do, why you react the way you do.  You know what activities will work best.

You know if you naturally will go to the feeling of depression or anxiety.

When you know your brain code you can then train your brain to where you want to go, not allow your brain to control you.  You control it – you become MINDFIT.

We all know that everything in life starts with one single seed of thought.  Make those seeds of thought work for you.

Help your children to be able to be the ones in charge of their mind.


MINDFIT Mondays is the place to come every Monday at 7.30pm online with Chris Brazel the #1 Brain Coder.

A place to come to peace and re-set your mind to get back in charge of your life.  A place to come to learn how to train your brain the easy way.  

A place where you show your mind that you are listening to your inner soul needs.  You are acknowledging that change needs to take place.  You are accepting that you want change.  When you put 1 hour aside once a week to re-set your mind you have chosen to connect to the power of you.

Colour – Conquer and Create

Coloured Undies – Change the Colour of Your Undies, Change Your Life TM.  The quickiest easiest way to kick start your life to the new.

You are the one who chooses the undies.  The undies cover the sacral chakra the energy centre of your body to choice, prosperity and flow.

Give it a go this week – what have you got to lose – nothing

What have you got to win – everything.

Conquer a fear.  Conquer a problem.

Become the warrior of your life.

Warriors find solutions.  Work with a team and support each other.

If you don’t go on an adventure you stay stuck in life.  When you work with a ball, you work with a colour you are simply stepping into an adventure of life.

Sydney art print by Chris Brazel

You can create anything you want in life.

The choice starts with you.  Creativity in some way helps you move the mind from the “HOW” to doing.

When you do, you choose, when you make conscious choices with a purpose you will always be rewarded in some way.

Be the Creator of Your Life today.

Let Use Help You Find the Best Direction to go with Your Child

Life can be hard when you know your child is hurting in some way.  You are not sure what direction to take or where to go.

Get in touch today and let us guide you through your child’s mind codes.  From our coding system we know exactly how your child’s mind works.  We can give you action steps, advice coaching and training so you stop that feeling of being lost you know how to get on track and help you child conquer their fears, feelings,mood swings.

Our results with children are proven success that our programmes work.


Bounce 2 Gallery

Pictures and people to inspire you to know that you will always fit into our community and teams.