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 The Energy Connection of the Mind, Body and Environment. What the mind thinks the body feels and your environment reflects.

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Chris Brazel
International Brain Trainer

Best Selling Author


Body  and Environment

Young People – Families

Single Parents

The School

The Bounce 2 School teaches you every aspect of energy.  Chris Brazel #1 Coder, International Author and Trainer teaches every aspect of energy.  Every single thing you do and take part of every day connects to energy.  Understand your own personal energy, how your mind works, the energy around you and you will start to see the world with different eyes.

Chris Brazel World #1 Coder and International Best Selling Author is the Master of teaching the energy connection of the Mind, Body and Environment.  One simple class with Chris Brazel you will never view the world in the same way again.

Every Aspect of Energy

Everything we do every single moment of the day is connected to energy.

The Power of Colour

Working with colour and the mind is so powerful.  It allows you to make conscious choices with a purpose every day.

Your Home Environment

Everything you are thinking and feeling about life is reflected in your home and your space.

Brain Codes

Know your Brain Codes and you know how your mind works.  Better still you will know exactly how to train your brain the easy way.

Courses -Bootcamps – Retreats

Special courses, bootcamps and retreats for parents to understand their own mind so they can best work with their children.

The world is changing.  To be successful as a parent you need to be in the right headspace.  You need to be MINDFIT.  You need to be able to lead your children.  They need to look up to you.

Our special courses, bootcamps and retreats are designed to help you be on track with your mind and life so you can be the best of you.





Bootcamps and Courses for the Young Ones

Bounce 2 has a great range of bootcamps and courses for the young ones.

Children can come with a group or school

We invite schools or groups to book a special bootcamp which can be designed especially for individual and school needs.

Come as a Family

Book your own special bootcamp or course for your own family.  Join with another family and create an amazing weekend or school holiday camp.

Imagination and Creativity

Our Bootcamps are all about working with the mind – using imagination, creativity and exploring in nature.  Horses are also a feature of our camps.

Be Part of a Great Community

Chris Brazel #1 energy Coder

Chris Brazel #1 Energy Coder and International Best Selling author.  Chris Brazel can tell you exactly what you are thinking and feeling about life.  What is happening in your life simply by asking you one question, taking a look at the clothes you are wearing, a look around your home and she will tell you more about yourself and your life then you could ever imagine.

Chris Brazel has been featured in every major magazine in Australia, Major TV stations.  She has also featured in TV shows such as My Restaurant Rules along with the UK I am Celebrity Get Me Out Of here.

Radio producers love it when she is on their show – she can create an audience in awe of what she has to say.  She is so accurate with her Coding it always blows people away.

The numbers

Chris Brazel became fasinated with numbers over 20 years ago when she was first introduced to the energy of numbers in the UK.  For the past 20 years she has taken numbers and coding to a level far beyond she ever imagined.  Numbers tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

She can join the dots of your life, what is happening when it should have happened from love to work to health problems.  It is like she is watching a movie of your life and lets you in on the story.

  • Brain Codes
  • Energy Codes
  • Environment Codes

Wellbeing Programmes

Chris Brazel has always been on the cutting edge of health, fitness and wellbeing.  She competed state, national and in world championsips.  She has train top level athletics.  Chris Brazel was put in place one of the first wellbeing and lifestlye programmes in universities in Australia.  She developed wellbeing and lifestyle programme for the Australian Taxation Department Superannuation Division.  She was the co-ordinator and developer of the National Sports Camps at the University of New England.

A passion on the mind and how the mind works took Chris Brazel exploring how it all works.  Over the past 20 years Chris Brazel has been developing and designing MINDFIT programmes.  Unique innovative programmes with huge success. 

The energy connection of the mind, the body and the environment is powerful.  Chris Brazel can connect with a young person within minutes, tell that person what is going on in their head then the gold key is being able to give an action programme to put that person on track.

You will see success after success from a young person not being able to learn their room to helping them to regain their confidence and become an entrepreneur is one of the many marvels you will find with Chris Brazel.  The success stories are endless, empowering, inspiring and motivating.

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