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Chris Brazel world #1 Coder.

International Author, Trainer and Entrepreneur.  Powerful speaker and educator.



New Zealand, UK, USA  Hawaii, Serbia, Belgrade, Hong Kong, Sinsapore

Author – Innovator

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Always on the Cutting Edge

Chris Brazel has always been on the cutting edge of health and fitness.  At the University of New England she designed, developed and implemented one of the first wellbeing and lifestyle programmes in universities in Australia.  It was then taught to the Executive Programme for Indian Rail Executives in Australia. The programme was later introduced into the Superannuation Department of the Australian Taxation Office.   From there the  variations of the wellbeing and lifestyle programme was introduced and implemented in major corporations in Australia.

As a Kid

Chris Brazel as a young child at school knew what it was like to feel you were hopeless at sport, art and all the general things a kid does.  The area she always excelled at was Maths and History. Hence her passionn about numbers and how they work kicked off very early in life.  Never knowing where her love of numbers would take her today.


Chris Brazel has written over 20 books.  All from real stories with real results.

Her first book 54 Days to Fall in Love was a best seller.  Coloured Undies TM Change the Colour of your Undies Change Your Life went global appearing in numerous magazines, to being on Qantas InFlights Entertainment both national and international. To varous TV channels in Australia and Serbia.  With the development of wellbeing programmes then moved into radio shows having appeared on most radio stations in Australia from NXFM to ABC to Real Estate Live to 4BC and more.

ART today

Chris Brazel at school felt hopless.  She could not relate to art always just passing or getting through.  Now she has original art in several countries in major offices and home.  There is a catalogue of over 100 prints.  Her courses are held in Australia and overseas.


Chris Brazel has the amazing ability to have a conversation with you about an idea.  Within no time that idea has moved to a business making profits.

A Master

Chris Brazel could see the energy mind connection of an individual’s mind to their enviornment.  Then from their personal numbers to how they would act, feel and create an enviornment to their subconscious.  Chris Brazel then studied and mastered Feng Shui, Numerology and Colour Therapy.  Moving into combining all   ancient systems then developing the common demonator and creating Soul Energy Feng Shui which later developed into Access Coding and Your Brain Codes.


From always standing and hoping someone would pick you to go into a team Chris Brazel has competed in State, National and World Championships.  Excelling in Squash.  She has also trained athletics who have competed at state national and world level.

Brain Codes

With a fasination of numbers moved Chris Brazel to developing one of the most unique and proven systems of reading the mind and easy way to know you to be you.  How to train your brain.

Real People Real Results

All of Chris Brazel’s work has been case studied, proven with real results.

Chris Brazel believes in taking a situation or a problem in life and turning it around. With over 23 years consulting, teaching and training her work is amazing.  Her stories of the changes she has made in people’s live incredible.  When you meet and work with Chris Brazel you can feel the joy and passion she gets with her work and working with children, families and companies.

 In the Media


UK I am a Celebrity – Get me Out of Here.

The Real Estate Show with KevinTurner

 The Circle with Channel 10

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