Everyone single person born into this world is unique to themself.  Each individual person has a brain code.  Knowing your code you know you.  You know why you think the way you do why you do what you do.

How the Codes came About

I started to be fascinated by people about 23 years ago.  I started to see the link in what they were thinking to see the same signs and symbols in their home, in the clothes they were wearing right through to the way they would sign their name.

 In 2022 I wrote my first book 54 Days to Fall in Love.  How to take 54 Days and follow a recipe of action steps to find the love of your life, the love of another the love even of a career.  The book was a best seller within 3 months.  The next book I released was Coloured Undies TM Change the Colour of Your Undies, Change your Life.  From this book and the Coloured Undies Tm Programme hundreds of people started to think about their undies, they started to connect to the undies such a simple action step to the mind and the changes that started to take place in their life.  I was constantly asked to appear on TV, Radio and Magazines.

From these first two books my work, systems, programmes have grown.   

Seeing the huge number of people through my programmes I was able to start linking in their unique numbers and see patterns in their lives.  I started to see the patterns and connections to what they were thinking and feeling life show up in their home environment, office environment right through to the car they would drive even the number plates.

See the patterns and the codes I created a coding system which is so accurate please often ask me “Have you been speaking to my mum?”  Of course, the Answer is “NO”. 

Helping individuals was awesome, changing companies around exciting then the challenge came with families and children.  I must say this has been the most rewarding of all.

To be able to code a child for a parent – then to be able to teach person both parent and child how they both think and feel about life.  How to make changes in their lives so life runs smoothly.  No more panic attacks no more fear about something that they could not control. 

Children I believe want to take responsibility of their lives.  They want to know what to do when things are not always fantastic.

I know some children may like playing the victim or the hard done by person – but parents now is the time to teach them to move out of victim, story telling energy and into being the owner of their mind and their life.


Do You

Need to

Take Action


Everyone Has 9 Brain Codes

  • Natural Codes
  • Path Code
  • Force Code
  • Destiny Code
  • Unblocking Code
  • Lucky
  • Time
  • Present Moment
  • Fear

Once you know your codes you then know the energy link of the mind to your home environment.  You link to certain colours and how they affect your mind.  The link on the set up of your bedroom.  One of the most important rooms in the home is the bedroom.  The bedroom is a total representation of what is happening in your mind.  

When you can work on the clothes you wear, the colours you work with, make changes in your home environment. You step out of the emotions and into conscious choices with a purpose.  You start to step into power.

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