Chris Brazel

Innovator and Creator of Brain Codes and the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.

International Trainer, Author and leader in the field of the  MBE coaching and training.

Innovator and Developer of Bounce 2 You Choose.  The Power of a ball and your brain.

Chris Brazel has always been on the cutting edge of health and wellbeing.  

Her forward thinking is totally outside of the box.

Results driven Chris Brazel takes a problem, finds a solution then researches it, case studies it then writes and teaches from the proven results.  Real stories, real people, real results.

In the Media in the World

UK – I am Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

On the Team with Joe Swash

Serbian National TV

Interview with Hannah Loss

Chux Colour ambassador

Colour Ambasador to introduce new colours in product range

Channel 10 The Circle

Interview on Coloured Undies TM

4BC Real Estate Show

Interview with Kevin Turner

Jimmy Choo – Hawaii

Teaching the Moves

These are just a few

I believe Everything is Possible Once you Choose it to be

My Passion – People & Brain Codes

Everyone has a unique Brain Code.  Their Brain Code will pinpoint exactly how their mind works.  Why they do the things they do.  Why they attract what they do in their life.

The ultimate gift of knowing your brain codes is that you know exactly how to change your life the easy way for the better.

I kicked off developing Brain Codes in 2002. Through research and proven results I can now do an analysis on a person within minutes and be able to tell that person everything about their selves.  Better still I can give them action steps to take to be on track with their life.

My passion – people and their brains.  Guiding, teaching and training them to know who they are so they can be who they are meant to be.  To bring out their best.  For parents and children to work together as a team.  To help children be the unique child in a world that is forever changing.  To help children, parents and families survive in the world today.

Every single person has a unique brain, a purpose why they are here on earth.  When you understand who you are whether that be the child or the parent you start to understand your mind, how it works and best of all what you are meant to do while here on earth.  We were not all put here to be doctors or teaches or painters.  Each and everyone one of us has a purpose and a position to fullfill.  Fill the position that sits here waiting for you.  For when you fill the postion made for you there is no struggle, there is no competition there is only flow, joy, happiness and love with sharing and kindness of each other.

Best Selling Author

Author of over 15 books

International Consultant Trainer

Training Consultants in 5 Countries

Speaker – TV Presenter

Australia and International

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