Chris Brazel

World #1 Coder.  International Trainer, Author and leader in the field of the mind energy connection of the mind, body and environment.

Chris Brazel has always been on the cutting edge of health and wellbeing.  Her forward thinking is totally outside of the box.

Results driven Chris Brazel takes a problem, finds a solution then researches it, case studies it then writes and teaches from the proven results.  Real stories, real people, real results.


My Work


Chris Brazel

Everything is possible when you choose it to be.

Never be defined by another.

Walk the path that is your path to your own individual purpose.

You are unique. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

As a kid growing up I felt I never fitted in.  I could see things so differently.  I would be in a class and the teacher would be teaching me, but I would already know the answers or know how to do what they were doing in a different or more efficient way.

My mum had a breast cancer scare the year I was heading into secondary school. She was in Sydney hospital for a while so I had to help my dad with my brothers and sister which I took on.  It felt right at the time and even though I was only 12 I managed the home, the groceries, my brothers and sisters.  My mum just needed to focus on getting better and my dad focused on earning an income to pay for everything.  It was my job to keep the home going.  When I look back I now realised how young I was.  At the time I thought it was simply a job that needed to be done, and so it did.

Ideas 2 Reality

Chris Brazel for the past 23 years has coached and designed for individuals, small companies, government organisations, international companies take an ideas and turn it into a business with a profit.

Books & ART

Chris Brazel kicked off writing in 2002 and has published each year since then with International Best Sellers.  Her artwork features in 3 countires in corporations and homes.

And they said at school she could not paint.
Bounce 2

Bounce 2 was created when Chris Brazel saw the need to help parents understand their children and how the children also needed to undertstand their parents.  Chris Brazel also saw the need for action with results.  Simply talking about a problem keeps the person in the emotion of the problem.  Hence Bounce 2 Programmes were started.  Since the start of Bounce 2 families have reaped the rewards of knowing how to help their children and their own families.

WOW Yes I Did It

Chris Brazel teaches the power of Walking, water and words.

How to use walking water and words to totally train your brain in amazing ways.

Wise Words on a Walk can totally create a new brain space and direction in your life.

When you walk from Point A to Point B there is no doubt you made it.

 In The Media

From International TV shows such as the UK I’am a Celebrity to Serbian National TV on Autistic children to Channel 10 The Circle, Channel 7 My Restaurant Rules, Channel 9 News to Radio shows such as NXFM Grill Tream, NXFM Newcastle, ABC, 4BC Brisbane, 2AD Armidale plus many more.

Magazines and Newspapers from the Herald, Dolly, Cosmopoliton, Girlfriend, Options Magazine, Woolworths Fresh Food, Suncorp Marketing, to Telegraph and many more.

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My Passion 

My passion are people.  Guiding, teaching and training them to know who they are so they can be who they are meant to be.  To bring out their best.  For parents and children to work together as a team.  To help children be the unique child in a world that is forever changing.  To help children, parents and families survive in the world today.

Every single person has a unique brain, a purpose why they are here on earth.  When you understand who you are whether that be the child or the parent you start to understand your mind, how it works and best of all what you are meant to do while here on earth.  We were not all put here to be doctors or teaches or painters.  Each and everyone one of us has a purpose and a position to fullfill.  Fill the position that sits here waiting for you.  For when you fill the postion made for you there is no struggle, there is no competition there is only flow, joy, happiness and love with sharing and kindness of each other.

The World #1 Coder

I always have time to help you work out your codes to know you to be you to bring out your best and be on track with your life

Trainer.  Comes train with me.  It can be exciting.  You can train with me personally or in one of our groups.  You can train my my programmes or courses so you too can do what I do.  We need people in the world to lead others. If this is something you want to do then come on down and join my team

Author.  I absolutely love writing.  All my books are real stories with real people and real solutions.  My first book 54 Days to Fall in Love was a best seller within 3 months.  Since writing that book I have a large selection for personal development, training the brain to children’s books.  There will be definitely a book there for you.

Every year I write a journal where you have the energy of each month, how to work with the energy of the month.  Tips on colour and colour combinations.  It teaches you how to connect your mind to the energy of the month to a feeling that you connect to an area within your home. You also have online weekly meditations and meetings to keep you on track.

Time out in Nature.  Everyone needs time out at various points in their day or life.  Come join me on one of our bootcamps, camping or walking trips and take time out from the busy world to find yourself, get back on track and ready to tackle the world again.  We have bootcamps for children, families or couples.  The choice belongs to you.

Chris Brazel

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