Working with colour is the fastest and easiest way to create changes in your mind and life.

Creativity takes you out of the how and into the now and infinite possibilities in life.

Colour Therapy

You can kick off with the simple choice of your undies each day.  Chris Brazel wrote “Coloured Undies” Change the Colour of Your Undies Change Your Life TM in 2002 which was followed by the Coloured Undies Programme where you simply worked on choosing the colour of your undies each day along with a little cleaning in your home. People found it such an easy way to introduce colour without making a big deal about it. The results were amazing.  Since then Chris Brazel has developed numerous colour therapy programmes which are easy to follow.  You have the choice of 5 day, 27 day or 54 Day programmes.  You also have the choice of the 6 Step Colour Total Transformation Programme.

Colour the easiest way to make Conscious choices with a purpose each day.

The kids love learning about colour and colour combinations

Creative Programmes

Bounce 2 teaches you how to combine colour choices with creativity.

You have the choice of programmes working with colour and creativity from a 5 day programme to our 27 day programmes.

Each programmes teaches you about colour, the energy of colour, how to work with words and affirmations and how to work with creativity.

Creativity can be drawing, painting, sketching, sewing or quilting.

When you create you connect to your sacral chakra within the body which connects to the energy of choices in your life, flow in your life and most importantly wealth and prosperity.  You move our of the emotions and need for perfection, you move to creating, allowing and forgetting the how.

What you really want always comes to you in amazing wonderful ways.

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