Join a club you will love.  Let us show you how easy it is to create a positive and amazing mind which then leads to an awesome life.

Chris Brazel


We meet every Monday night at 7.30pm online.

You will be inspired, motivated and educated.

You will be part of a community of real people living real lives and working together as a team.

Every Monday night you will learn how to create a positive mindset which in turn creates a positive life.

There is always a solution to a problem.

The first step is to accept and acknowledge the problem then move into action.

Monday nights teaches you how to take one step at a time.  How small action steps create massive changes.

How to move out of the how and into the now which in turn you move into the magic of manifesting and attracting what you want in life.

Join every Monday and learn how easy it is to reset your MIND from the impossible to the possible.

From the negative to the positive

From the block and walls to then falling down.

Life is full in infinite possibilities – come join us and see.

Conscious Choices with Purpose

When you make conscious choices each day with a purpose you move into the drivers seat in your life.

Instead of your mind controlling you with negative thoughts you move into action and you start to control the mind and tell it what you will be doing and going in life.

Every Monday night you learn how to work with conscious choices each week to create a confident, powerful mind.  You learn how to read your enviornment and make changes in your environment which in turn creates changes in your life.  You learn all about the semiotics of life.  You learn how to create brand spaces which in turn gives you that feeling of power and confident.  

You learn how to work with colour, colour combinations.  How to work with creativity and symbolisation.

Most of all you get to have fun, laugh and enjoy life, at the same time becoming rich in life.

The Membship Cost:

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$95 Individual.  $145 Family Membership


What do you get?

Membership for 2022  from Joining – 5th December.

Monday Online with Chris Brazel every Monday online at 7.30pm by zoom.

What will we be doing:

The energy of the week

  • Tips for move into alignment
  • Cleansing Mind Meditations
  • New Meditations each month
  • Mind Body Tips
  • Questions and Answers to where you may be blocked or need help.
  • Access to Walk with Me talks and free to join in on the walks
  • Free walks if you want to come in person
  • Meditation to download and work with each month

What do you learn about:

  • Energy flow and energy alignment
  • How to work with colour
  • Feng Shui for the home
  • How to work with animal energy
  • How to work with creativity to create a positive mind

Become a member of a club where you feel supported

People think outside the square

A club of people who look for answers and solutions.

As a member of the club you have discounts on various products, courses and services

Private Facebook group to chat and feel part of a team

Kick off to a whole new way of thinking and feeling about life today.

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