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Bounce 2 Exercises

Learn easy and amazing ways to work with your ball

Bounce 2 You Choose Ball

When you order your ball we help you work with the exercise and the affirmation to work with to train your brain.l


Choose from our large selection of books by Chris Brazel.



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Mind Power Beads

Purchase your Mind Power Beads to help you focus and stay on track with your mind.  An easy way to train your brain.


Scrubs and Soaps

We have an amazing range of scrubs and soaps to work with in cleansing your mind.  Working with words water and the mind.


Choose from our amazing range of coloured candles.  All our candles are made to special prayer, moon energy, words and affirmations.



Check our the Chris Brazel range of podcasts to help you keep on track with your mind and trainbing your brain.



We have an amazing range of unique meditations for you to work with either as a download to listen to or one to view


Brain Codes

Order your Unique Brain Code you get to know you, the person you are.



Join one of Chris Brazel amazing courses to learn more about Brain Codes, Colours, Crystals or working with animal and creativity.

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When you become a member you get to enjoy being part of an amazing community.  You have access to our weekly MBE Coaching on Mondays plus more.


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