One Day Program

Come and join one of our One day Programmes to kick off a new way to train your brain.

You will have fun, it will be colourful, you will break through.  It is amazing what you can achieve in a day

Programme for the Whole Family 
Come by yourself
come with a family member.  
Everyone is welcome.


A Great Way to Train the Brain

Come and join me for an awesome day of fun.

We kick off with Walking – feet and mind.

We move to what you want to move in life.

We then move to the ball and you.

You work through different mind body exercises

You learn about the left and right hand

You learn the difference to where you bounce the ball

Best of all you get to break through and find answers.

The Programme is about Conscious Choices with a Purpose

When you make conscious choices in life with a purpose you start to create changes within your thinking.  You start to move into personal power.

So how can one day of working with a ball train your brain?

One:       You have made a choice to come and train your brain.   That is the first powerful action step in acknowledging and accepting that change needs to take place.


Two:     You will learn how the bounce of the ball on the floor to the wall is amazing how you will connect to an emotion.  The moment you try it you will feel the difference.

An emotion of an event from the past will always come up when working with the ground or floor.

When you move to the wall the break through you will feel will be amazing.


Three:   You will leave feeling like you have an action to work with that you know will give you break throughs.

You will leave with an action plan over 5 days to continue with breaking through to your goals.

When working with the ball to the ground it is amazing what childhood memories arise which deep down can often be what is blocking you now in life.

One young lady who at 24yrs could not get a full time permanent job.

She started with the ball on Friday morning.  When bouncing the ball with a certain affirmation what came up what the fact she trained for soccer – made the state team but could not go as her parents could not afford it.

Next she was back bouncing the ball and what came up was a scholarship for a Music College in Sydney to take her violin to another level.  She could not accept as it was a time when her parents had split and she could not afford it.

So what had been happening in her life all the time was she would train, she would try out, she would be selected but never collect the prize.  

We had broken through.  I sent her home to break through to the next step working with the ball to the wall. On Monday a local business called and asked her back to speak about a position.  She had applied – make it to the last two – they gave the position to the other person.  What had happened is that the person they had selected was not working out.  They wanted to give her a try.

She had broken through.  She got the full time position.

Simply working with the ball to the floor to the wall with words and affirmation, she broke through to a block within her mind which was blocking her life.

Are you ready to break through?

Cost & How It Works

The Day is $145.00 

What do you receive?

We kick off with a session on what you want to break through to.  What is the mind block?

We then move to the ball work.

You will work through 5 colours.

You will learn the different energies of working with each hand.

You will work on the different energies when working with the floor, ground or wall.

We will work on the word that connects to your brain.

You will leave with a 5 Day Colour Energy Brain Changer.

You will have access to private facebook page to chat about your experiences or ask questions.

Are you Ready to move into the easy way of Life?

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